2x2 High Bay Troffer

2x2 LED High Bay Troffer by Titan LED


Custom Designed to bring Titan’s high power LED lighting into a standard 2 foot x 2 foot package. Available in 103 Watt and up to 143W configurations, this 2 x 2 fixture delivers incredible light levels and savings when compared to metal halide technology. Gasket sealed Polycarbonate Lensing with no seams at the housings front plate make this luminaire great for sanitary requirements.

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Premium 2x2 High Bay Troffer Lights | Commercial LED Lighting

Titan LED is your source for premium 2x2 High Bay Troffer Lights. Titan LED provides Premiere LED lighting solutions, perfect for industrial and commercial LED lighting needs. Work with an agent today to start your free light audit/analysis. Titan LED is proud to have American made products, American manufactured, and American owned. Our mission is to provide you and your business with the best quality, longest lasting, and cost effective commercial LED lighting in the industry. 

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